How we Build

There is a belief among home buyers that you will just know your home when you see it. We think you will know it when you see our homes. Everyone has their own unique, personal ideas and thoughts about what a home should be. What it should look like, what it should feel like. At Heritage Homes, we work with you to bring your ideas and thoughts to life. Being a custom home builder gives us the ability and flexibility to incorporate your ideas into the home we build. If you are a chef in the making with a specific dream kitchen in mind, we have designs available or we can create your new kitchen from scratch. If you like to entertain friends and family, we can design spacious rooms and hallways to accommodate. Whatever your desire, this will be your home. We want you to absolutely love the home we build for you.


Designing the perfect home has never been easier. We are with you 100% of the way, with our staff of industry professionals. The combined experience of our architect, designer and craftsmen ensure you will have peace of mind and enjoy your investment for years to come.


We use the highest quality products and construction techniques available, and only use the finest craftsmen and subcontractors. We employ professionals who have proven themselves as true artisans and who take tremendous pride in creating beautiful homes.


Heritage Homes builds homes that are welcoming & comfortable, cost effective and environmentally friendly. We incorporate high performance building practices and energy efficient products in each home we build.

The Building Process

  • Initial Consultation

    • Getting to know you – The building process requires a collaborative teamwork approach between the Builder and the Owner. We build a relationship with you as we build your project. It is vital to be able to freely and effectively communicate. It helps us to get to know how you live, work and play.
    • Idea Outline – You have been thinking and dreaming about your project for a long time. Our job is to discover your ideas and develop them into reality. To get there, it is helpful to share your ideas, wants, needs and any wishlists you’ve been saving for just this moment.

  • Site Planning

    • Site Visit – Choose where you want to build your new home. Design will follow.
    • Orientation/Views – Room placement and project orientation are influenced by direction of sunlight, views, etc. Decide what you want to look at from various rooms.
    • Design – The design process is a time to let your imagination go! Share your ideas, clippings and thoughts. We like to incorporate out-of-the-box elements in our designs.
    • Preliminary Plan – Our designer and architect will work hard to give you everything you asked for in your design. The preliminary floor plans will show room sizes and location, traffic flow patterns, roof design, window style and placement and basic exterior elevations.
    • Specifications/Details – Tell us more about what details need to be included in your building project. What type of wood should your cabinets be? What style of windows do you prefer? Do you want to include a doggy door and kennel for your pet? Would you prefer concrete siding or stucco and rock?

  • Budget & Plan

    • Preliminary Budget – We want to know up front what your budget is so we don’t over-design. Understanding the costs associated with building your home lets you focus on those features that are most important to you. Our proposal makes every effort to include every cost you may expect in your project.
    • Initial Estimate – Once your plan is close we will provide a preliminary estimate. If the initial estimate is in your budget range, we proceed with finishing the plan and then submit it for an actual bid.
    • Generous Allowances – An important element in your new home price are the allowances given for appliances, flooring, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and more. We offer generous allowances that provide the flexibility to choose what you want without going over budget.
    • Detailed Specifications –  We provide comprehensive specifications so you will know as much about your house as we do. Your home project’s price  is spelled out in detail. Our goal is to be open, fair and complete.

  • Construction

    • Preconstruction Meeting – Owners meet trade contractors and discuss in detail all aspects of their project.
    • Selections – Your project is becoming reality as you choose exterior colors, plumbing fixtures, front door, flooring, tile and more.
    • Plan – An up-to-date plan is distributed noting any changes.
    • Coordination of Trades – The complex orchestration of trade contractors and carpenters on site is the primary job of the project manager.
    • Building Regulations – We rigorously meet or exceed every building regulation.
    • Changes are Allowed – If you want a plumbing fixture added, a door changed to an arch opening or any other change, we will show you the price increase or decrease on a change order to be approved by you before it is implemented.

  • Completion

    • Walk-through – Near the end of the project, we will complete a thorough walk-through of the home with you. This allows us to compile a punch list of “to-dos”.
    • Professional Cleaning – Your new home is thoroughly cleaned before you set foot inside.
    • Warranty – We go above and beyond most other builders’ warranties. We do it right the first time or fix it until it is right.